Open Coffee Greece

This is the facebook version of the Open Coffee Club Greece. Open Coffee meetings are the point of reference for greek startups since 2007. Moreover, Open Coffee meetings happening around Greece offer a place to network and a platform for exchange that aims to inform, connect and inspire. Up till now 7 Greek cities have their own meetings with most of them being active today.

For meetings and other updates please visit

In this group members cover existing and, mainly, new developments on greek startups, as well as the relevant topics of entrepreneurship and technology.

House rules:

- Use your real name and photo in your profile picture. If not make sure that you are already connected with a couple of existing members.
- Please share ONLY relevant topics to the group’s interests.
- Keep posts to a maximum of 2 per week.
- If you are offering any type of services and seminars as a professional please avoid direct posts to self promote your work. Be as discreet as possible.
- We encourage news from Greek Startups, ICT related posts, your blogposts, questions to other group members or partnership inquiries.
- We do not approve job listings.
- If you are not sure about something you can always ask the moderators.

Please keep in mind this is all about networking!!!