Welcome to Glenden Buy Sell Swap or Wanted

Please read carefully, by joining this group you agree to the following rules:

* Common courtesy is the rule on this page, we ask you to comment on the post first so as to ensure fair trading, first to comment - first chance to purchase, second to comment is next in line and so on etc....(except in the occassion when seller requests only PM), then you can private message between buyer and seller once you have made a comment on the post, that way you can put things like phone numbers and address privately and is only seen between buyer and seller. We encourage first in first served but the final say comes down to the seller.

* As a courtesy to other members please either remove or comment that the item is sold or pending payment/pick up asap ,please include a expected pick up date.

* The Admins reserve the right to remove any inappropriate posts, pics or comments.

* If you are not from Glenden, you must state in your post where the item is from, this is Glenden Buy Sell Swap or wanted page, we should NOT have to ask the question "Where abouts are you?", nor get excited etc... then find out its not here in our hometown, not everyone can travel to pick up items, plus please state if you, the seller, can deliver to Glenden. Posts will be deleted from page if this request is not followed!!!!

* BUSINESS'S If you would like to advertise your business please advertise in the Glenden Community Notice Board. You will only be notified once, after this your post will be deleted, if you continue to promote your business after you have been given noticed you will be banned.

* The Admins of this page are not responsible for members postings or misleading ads,non payment or non pick up.

* BUMP - Bring Up My Post you can type this in a comment under your post or even type . or anything and it will bring your post back to the top of the page but PLEASE LIMIT TO EVERY 8 hours so everyone gets a chance to advertise their items. Don't forget to delete the comment BUMP or whatever you typed, straight afterwards to save space on this page. If people continue to not do this, their posts will be deleted.

* If you have more then 3+ items please make an album to put them in, this way we save room on the page and it will be easier for you to find all your items together. (To make an album, select Add Photo, then Create Photo Album, select your photos, Name of Album - give your album a name, don't worry entering information in Location section - as not sure if that's meaning place ie. Glenden, Moranbah, Dysart, Mackay etc... or if it's like a subdirectory folder), you can still add a description and all your items will be in one place for you to find :o)

* Please check your "Other" folder, which is a subfolder in Messages, if your not a friend with the seller/buyer and you PM (Private Message), the message will firstly go into this folder. Click on Messages, then Other will pop up below. This folder does not send notifications to your email, so many people are unaware they have people messaging them, so check regularly :o)

* Sick of thousands of emails, go to the "Edit settings" on the group page on top right hand corner, in Notify me when: select "Only posts I am subscribed to", then tick the box with email notifications, that way you will have only emails that you are interested in, plus also the email will have a link to the post to make it easier to find.

* Want to find something and don't want to spend hours looking for it, if it has a picture, on the group page to the right is "View Photos", first section is Albums, then below is individual photos, scroll through till you find what your searching for.No Photo then on the group page in the top right hand corner is "Search this group" put in a keyword or name of person and should bring up all posts relating to it, Facebook plays up abit with the search feature sometimes.

* Items 1 month and older will be deleted if you wish to repost you are welcome to do so.

* Once item is sold please DELETE it, if not, please comment "Item is sold" and Admins will delete.

* Only post your items once as there has been alot of double ups of the same thing from the same person, just bump the post up but remember to limit it to every 8hrs.

* Mobile Phones.
It is the buyers responsibility to request the IMEI number of a mobile phone you are considering purchasing... The IMEI number identifies who the phone is registered to, potential buyers should request this number to check the status of the phone and whether it has been blocked or reported as stolen.

* IMEI check
Note that you can obtain the IMEI number by pressing *#06# on your mobile phone.
To check the IMEI number on mobile phones to make sure that they are not stolen or blocked go to the Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association website at

(WARNING: This IMEI check only provides details of those phones reported and blocked at the time of the inquiry therefore it is not conclusive. If the owner of the phone does not report it lost or stolen prior to your purchase, the resulting IMEI check cannot identify it as a lost or stolen handset. All buyers of second-hand mobile phones should request proof of ownership at the time of purchase.)