The Abstract Pencil

This group will be devoted to abstract work created with the use of wax or oil pencils, pastels, charcoal, and mixed media using some of the aforementioned materials. If you are one of those unique people who draw graphite portraits that are so exact as to replicate photographs, you are welcome to post here if you wish: but remember abstract work is primary. Any ideas are welcome.

If you are someone who works in this medium and I have not included you it is only because of my unfamiliarity with your work. Everyone who wishes should feel free to join. If you use drawing as a draft of sculpture or paintings, you may wish to post your drawings here.

This site is dedicated to giving artists a place to show their works and discussion of art. We are open to all forms of expression as described in the paragraphs above, and welcome postings from all our members.

We are not a political site, and to ensure that our discussion remain on the subject of art, and art alone, we must ask that our members refrain from posting materials of a political nature.

If you have sent us a request to join The Abstract Pencil and have not heard from us within twenty four hours, please PM our administrator, Gregory K. H. Bryant.