KINDERSLEY ODDS AND SODS...a page for community comments and information

PLEASE READ BEFORE ASKING TO JOIN - If you do not get a response to your application within a day or two check your "other" file for a private message. KINDERSLEY ODDS AND SODS is a group for RESIDENTS of the Kindersley, Saskatchewan area to share community information, news and views, and comments in general. Any commercial content is to be avoided whenever possible. Respect in all postings is a must. The admin will determine what is respectful, appropriate and what is in keeping with the intent of this group.
Please note you will find fb groups for garage sales, freebies, wanted, auctions, animals................what else is there. I know, even a list of lists.

• People who live in Kindersley and district i.e. if you live in a place where, on a telephone land line you could call Kindersley and it would not be charged long distance. Or if you work for a local business on a full time basis.
If a member of this group moves away they will be grandfathered in and may chose to stay in the group whether or not they contribute (as long as posts pertain to Kindersley) or lurk.

- This group is for all things of a non- commercial nature not covered by another group.
- POLITE discussions that interest fellow members.
- Fundraisers for non-profits, but not the same notice day after day, please
- Charitable events
- Registration for brownies, dance clubs, and the like
- Information on clubs and associations
- Town stuff.
- Road conditions, weather as it really is!
- Going to city, need a parcel picked up?
- Ideas that are a benefit to the community.