Frum Women's Weight Loss Support

This group is a safe place for frum women who are looking to lose weight to support each other!

1) Please keep all posts and comments positive!
2) Everyone has different ways of losing weight and maintaining weight loss. Please be accepting of that and never criticize others' weight loss choices.
3) This is a judgement free zone. We are all human, we all slip up. We all understand.
4) When posting a recipe, make sure to attribute the source.
5) No commercial links or posts without permission from the moderators. (If you are unsure, ask!) Violation of this rule will result in the post/poster being removed from the group.
6) We aren't medical professionals here. Always check with a doctor or other medical professional before making any diet or lifestyle changes.
7)This is a group specifically for frum women to focus on the challenges that are unique to us, in our lifestyle, that present difficulty in our weight loss efforts. So let's start shmoozing!
Let the weight loss begin!