Egyptian's SUBARU Club

Whether you're a Subaru owner, a Subaru enthusiast or even someone who's a bit fond of cars... The Egyptian Subaru Club along with its members warmly welcomes you... Here we celebrate our ownership of cars that bear the beautiful brand of Subaru, so why not join us?! From time to time we meet up to have some fun, share the Subaru love and of course be a little competitive, so buckle up and enjoy the ride...
Subaru For Life!

Our Group Rules :-
1. While debating and healthy discussions are fine, the admin will not tolerate rudeness, , insulting, personal attacks or name calling .

2. Spamming is strictly not allowed. Facebook has spam filters for multiple identical posts.but admins don’t rely on those all the time.

3. We ask that you refrain from posting unsolicited advertisements that do not pertain directly to the intended use of this group. Posts such as these may be removed without notice.

4. You are responsible for your own prestige and reputation. Think before you post. Think before you reply. Your words determine who you are. And a rule of thumb , When replying to others - especially those with whom you disagree - imagine you're having a face-to-face conversation

5. Kindly observe ethical behavior when posting. Any post that would put the reputation of this group at risk will be deleted. The deletion will serve as a warning and violators will be banned the next time.

6. Discussions of political nature, political groups, and political activities that may impact or affect the Group reputation and is not allowed.

7. We ask you to refrain from annoying behaviors, When you go out of your way to be annoying, you can expect to be warned or banned.

8. if you belive you need to post and AD for another group or page , that relates to Our group , you should contact one of the admins first before posting . otherwise your post will be deleted without notice.

The admin and all future admins reserve the right to remove a post and to ban anyone who willfully violates the group rules and reserves the right to update and modify these rules as the needs of the group dictate so as to ensure smooth group conversation.