Remembering Our Days At Mt St Benedicts Pennant Hills......Tales to Tell.

I am very saddened to hear of the passing of Gabrielle Dampney '83. I was a few years ahead of Gabrielle. Her sister Catherine was in my year. I connected with Gabrielle a few times after she left school. She worked at the Castle Hill Veterinary Clinic where I took my pets. She was an excellent scholar having won the University Medal in Vet Science at Sydney and she was a wonderful, caring vet. More recently I came across Gabrielle and she didn't look well. She told me she had a teenage daughter. She wasn't practising as a vet at that time. If anyone knew Gabrielle well it might be nice if you contact Michelle Blackman at Mt St Benedict so a nice obituary can be written for her and posted on Bennies Connect. It would be good to acknowledge her educational and workplace achievements and pay respects to her family especially her daughter.