Intolerance Busters Lebanon: IBL - Allergen Free Creative Kitchen

I am a mom of 2 amazing boys, I consider myself well experienced in cooking, baking and inventing new recipes... but all of that went down the hill few months ago, when my oldest was diagnosed intolerant to gluten, cow milk and yeast.
The last couple of months, I felt like a mom who cannot fry an egg and yet responsible of serving food to a totally dependent child, moving from one kitchen disaster to another, I learned how the alternatives act.
And after spending some time jumping between branded ready mixes and total failure recipes, I was blessed by the support of two friends (S. & D.) who helped me overcome this phase, and inspired me into grain flours baking, using my own blends, I also made vegetables milk, and last still trying to find an efficient substitute for yeast!

I know there is a lot of moms out there who are struggling to cook allergen free, let's join forces and be creative!

If you are struggling to cook allergen free, or eager to share your cooking experience or simply following a special diet, search no more!
You are in the right place!

This group is created to provide support as well as to share alternative recipes, inspiration, resources and tips!

Happy creative cooking