Titusville Storm Chaser's(TSC)

Led by Senior Meteorologist's Andrew Fojo Forgino and Jeremy Austin, along with field reporter/ Storm Chaser Preston Mizell and field reporter Ethel.

We have state of the art reporting and storm analyzing equipment, ranging from backless droids to Iphone 5's. We have 5 state of the art storm chasing vehicles: 2013 Honda CRV(Command 1, TSC-1), this is our most trusted and newer storm chasing vehicle, it can withstand 5,000 mph winds and get's great gas mileage, it also has a sun roof so we can stare down the weather in it's pitiful face. 2008 Honda Civic:(Rhonda the storm chasing Honda, TSC-2) is owned by Senior Meteorologist Andrew Fojo Forgino and is our fastest storm chasing vehicle and can out run any storm if need be. 2008 Nissan Frontier:( Fran the storm eating Frontier, TSC-3) is owned by Senior Meteorologist Jeremy Austin and this vehicle plows through storms making them cry for more. Our 4th vehicle is owned by our 95 year old storm Chaser Ethel, Ethel rocks a 1985 Cadillac El Dorado (the BOB, TSC-4). Ethel has driven this beast of a machine through the Moose Lodge, Walmart and CVS without even a ding, so no storm can take this beast down. Our 5th and final Vehicle is owned by out amazing young Storm Chaser Preston Mizell, it is a 2001 Huffy BMX Bicycle, this is a very versatile and eco friendly vehicle, but is susceptible to high winds and is only used during emergencies.

We here at TSC bring the most up to date happenings on storms in or around the Titusville/ Mims area. No worries cause we have you nestled in our hands of safety***This is by no means a serious weather go to page***