Being in the food publication industry, restaurant invitations a daily occurrence for the Cook team. Whether it is to try out and feature newly opened places, new menu items from old favorite digs or to meet and greet clients and potential advertisers, eating is and has always been a part of our job. But among our numerous dining adventures, our Foodie Road Trips are the most fun and most anticipated. These are the trips out of town we do to discover dining destinations, a food tour that takes us to towns big and small in search of the best eating a province has to offer. Of course, it doesn’t just stop with the eating. These trips are also opportunities to see the sights, enjoy the hotels and resorts and meet fellow food lovers all around the country.

Cook Club was established for our loyal readers, so that we can take them along on these food tours and share with them the discoveries we make. Travelling by land provides us the opportunity to bond with our members during the journey, while at the same time having the flexibility to stop and make detours as we wish. Aside from the food, Cook Club members will also experience the same hospitality extended to us by partner hotels and resorts throughout the country.

As part of Cook Club, members also get to share their favorite recipes and foodie finds. Not only will these be posted on our Facebook page and website, but our favorite members’ posts will also be published in Cook Magazine every month. It is our way of giving our readers the complete Cook Magazine experience, bringing them along in our journey of food discovery and sharing these experiences with the world through our magazine, website and through social media. Cook Club literally lets each reader become a member of the Cook Magazine team.