Hinton, Binger, Lookeba Garage Sale Ads!

I created this page for the Hinton, Binger, Lookeba (and any towns closely surrounding these area) to advertise their Garage Sale Ads! This is ADS ONLY! ABSOLUTELY NO SELLING!

I've seen people advertising their Garage Sales on several other sites, but once you post it gets shoved under other posts and may not be seen! And this allows you to list more of what you have than a newspaper ad will allow!

You may post ONE ad and you may only bump it ONCE every 24hrs. Multiples will be deleted! I want everyone's ads to be seen and when you start posting multiple ads for the same sale it keeps other ads from being seen as easily.

Please try to post the Sunday before your sale at the earliest, that way people can see just the current ads for the current week. You do not have to post on Sunday, but that should be the earliest day!

PLEASE make sure you post: DATES, TIMES, ADDRESS and TOWN!

When your sale is over please try to delete your post!


I am NOT responsible for anything that happens involving this page.

This is intended to help people find more sales and help people advertise, so have fun and add some friends!