Talk Islam

Muslims say Islam is a Religion Of Peace and the Religion Of God. We say Islam is a violent and oppressive religion.
Islamic religious texts also support our proposition. If Muslims say otherwise then lets talk.

This group is for Muslims and nonmuslims to have a dialogue. It is not for posting material that is totally irrelevant to the groups agenda. Such posts will be removed. This includes posts debating the authenticity of Christianity and other religions. Also because Muslims will be prohibited from bringing up topics debating the authenticity of Christianity and other religions, we feel it is only fair for nonmuslim members do not promote Christianity or other religions. Important religious figures can be discussed, but otherwise the only religion that is to be brought up is Islam.

If God exists, we should leave the judgments of good and evil to Him.

Abusive posts will not be tolerated. Anyone caught using abusive language will be removed. This includes personal attacks such as racist, Islamophobe, bigot, and exc. because these words are an attempt to stifle discussion.

Also death threats will not be tolerated.

All posts must be in English or have an English translation. Posts in foreign languages without an English translation will be removed.

There is no need to spam here. Three OP's per day is enough. Multiple posts by a single person will be deleted.

Do not block the administrators. Anyone who blocks the administrators will be removed. We have to view what is going on in the group. Blocking the admins prevents us from doing our job.