A fun buy/sell/trade group.All we
expect is your respect...no DRAMA....no rude remarks....these will be deleted immediately.

Have fun...post as many
pictures as you like and please be sure to remove your items after they have been sold.Bumping items is fine in moderation.No private message sales allowed as it is unfair to other buyers.Thanks~!

Anyone who does not follow through with a sale will be warned and banned as this is not fair to sellers.

**PLEASE POST OYEN EVENTS AS THEY COME UP TOO~!Garage sales..Birthdays..Anniversaries and we will try to keep you up to date with Oyen happenings as well~!**

No posting diets or herbal remedies for weight loss in this group as these fad diets can be dangerous or any other non-prescribed herbal remedy or tonic.Absolutely NO New Age cures such as Reiki, Accupuncture,Accupressure or any Occult based things like palm reading or Tarot cards either.These posts will be deleted instantly.
HOME BASED BUSINESSES THAT SELL PRODUCTS AND SERVICES ARE MORE THEN WELCOME....CANDLES,CLEANERS,SKIN CARE,JEWELLERY ALL ARE MORE THEN WELCOME.(Examples:Scentsy,Avon,Watkins,Gourmet Foods,Tupperware,etc) NO large commercial operations advertising please....

Block an Admin and you will automatically be banned from the group.

PAL stands for Possession and Acquisition License, formally known as the FAC and is required to have a firearm registered in your name....only people with this can post a firearm on this site and they are responsible to sell to only people who have same. Leila Pearton(Creator)