Lord of the Rings - Fan Club

This is a group for those who love the whole Tolkien - Universe.

Join if you do !


- OFFENSIVE AND NSFW posts are prohibited as we want to keep this club clean.
Offensive also meaning being sexist in any kind of way, especially degrading people a.k.a. 'fapping-posts/comments'.

- ADVERTISING of any kind needs to pass permission by an Admin as well as have the Admin tagged in the advertisement itself.

- VERSUS POSTS are off-limits. Please don't post any "X vs Y" posts, even if they are Tolkien related. There has been an excess of them, and for the benefit of the group we would like to ask people to refrain from posting them.

- THREATS of any and all kind are prohibited. Joking about threats is not ok. Claiming to threaten someone in-character is not ok.
ANY threat will get you banned.

- ENGLISH is the language of the fan club. Any post in a language other than english needs to have a translation IN THE ORIGINAL POST. If this is not done, the post will be deleted, and can lead to sanctions.

- IN CASE OF DISAGREEMENT, the admins who spend their free time keeping this place clean will ALWAYS have the last word.

- BLOCKING AN ADMIN is obviously not permitted. This prevents us from PMing you about issues or commenting on one of your posts if trouble arises in your comments section. We can still see all you post if you block us though, so we WILL see it if it happens.

If you have something on your mind, feel free to contact the Admins, which are listed down below.
Remember that blocking an admin after being issued a sanction will lead you to a unnotified ban.

- Jonas Krämer
- Maximilian Fütterer
- Muhammad Gulraize Bilal
- Devide Dukker
- Gilraén Elensár
- Rachel Elizebeth
- Erick Rep
- Roxane Wolve
- Minil Patel