Kafue Insurance Brokers is an indigenous Zambian Company whose mission is to ensure that Individuals, Corporations and the general public do not completely loose out in event of an Accident, Fire or ultimately even for the loss of Life.

We are one of the leading Local companies in Risk Management Services with a span of over 13 years of experience in both private and public sector servicing the Insurance and risk management needs.

Our Customer base is firm despite the competition on the Market. We manage several companies and endless list of individuals represented on our scheme dubbed as KIB Motor Scheme.

Our product line cuts across all sectors of the economy, be it individuals to commercial companies both local and international Organizations.

Do you wish to engage a brokerage for your car, house or business and insure your valued properties against fire, theft or damage?

Do you long for that piece of mind and concentrate on growing your business?

If your answer is yes!

Then look no further, KIB has the keys to all your problems. Do not wait for that calamity until it lands on your table when you least expect it. Come and see your risk managers at KIB before it is too late and have your property secured.

At KIB we believe a stress free society is possible because the greatest enemy to your business cycle, cash flows and life style, a four latter word "RISK", is our best friend.