SPEAK: Students Parents Educators Across Knox County

SPEAK is a collaborative effort of parents, students, teachers, and other community members working for positive educational change in Knox County through awareness, advocacy, and empowerment. We support the strengthening of public schools through the active involvement of all stakeholders.

This page was created to post information relevant to our public school system. It is also a way to share information about events of which members need to be aware. What is posted here reflects on all of us, so please keep comments appropriate and discussions respectful, as you would in any public forum.

All individuals are encouraged to become more informed about topics discussed here; however, posting privileges will be granted with an emphasis on our goals of awareness, advocacy, and empowerment. We regret that, at times, this may mean denying posting privileges to public figures whose presence may distract from the prioritization of community empowerment. We also reserve the right to refuse posting privileges to individuals or groups who have publicly demonstrated positions that undermine public schools, students, or teachers.

No name-calling or threats will be tolerated, even in a joking manner. Additionally, we expect that any school administrators viewing this page do so with the intention of gaining a deeper understanding of community concerns, and that they will not use posts on this page for defamatory or retaliatory purposes against school employees. Members who abuse this site will be deleted.

Postings on this page, including those of page administrators, reflect individual opinions and perspectives. Official SPEAK positions will be communicated through the website (www.speaktn.com), pinned posts, and press releases, after being decided upon by members and organizers. While our intention is to be as open a group as possible, we request that members of the media refrain from directly quoting individuals without their express permission. Individuals who would like to share pertinent information but are hesitant to do so in such a public forum may email links to a page administrator for submission as an anonymous post, assuming the submission is deemed appropriate by page administrators.

Finally, our moderators are busy volunteers, so please approach any concerns you may have with an assumption of best intentions. If you observe a post that you feel is inappropriate and may have been overlooked, or if you believe that someone is misusing this page, please contact a page administrator. Thank you for caring about our children's public schools!