Matagorda County Pets & Animals

My name is Kelli Culpepper, I am very glad you joined my group. ADD all of your friends and READ THE RULES. (:

Effective 03/02/2015: Puppies and kittens MUST be a MINIMUM of 8 weeks old to be placed in new homes.
When posting your puppies and kittens for adoption/sale/rehoming, please include:
*the date of birth (if known),
*current age,
*what breed or breeds they are,
*adoption fee (even if it is a small fee, a fee must be posted) and
*any shots or dewormer that has been given.
If these guidelines are not followed, your post will be deleted. Continued failure to follow the guidelines will result in being removed and blocked from the group.

When posting adult animals (dogs, cats, etc.), follow the same guidelines for posting puppies and kittens. Exceptions are made for animals that have an unknown history, such as found or abandoned pets that are being rehomed, as well as small animals that do not require shots or wormer.

Please keep in mind when placing animals that they rely on YOU to find them loving forever homes. Ask questions and make sure your animals will be a great fit with their new families. An adoption fee not only helps make sure your pets get a decent home, but the fee you receive for babies can also used to help get Mom's spayed.

We kindly ask that you delete your post once pets have been placed.

Thank you!
Sheila Mintz, Admin