Promoting Force & Pain Free Motivational Methods for Working and Sport Dogs

This group was created to help aid the promotion of fear-free, pain-free, motivational training methods of operational working dogs and high arousal sport dogs. (Security, police, search/sniffer, obedience, agility, fly ball, IPO, gun dogs etc)

A lot say "it can't be done purely positively". I think you can train any dog to do anything without the use of pain and fear.
Please post any photos, articles, videos, questions or anything and everything in relation to working with these types of dogs and their "jobs" :)

Photos, videos, articles, questions and discussion points are all very welcome. Especially if you want to brag and/or promote achievements produced with motivational methods.

All are welcome to join as we all have various views on "positive" or "force-free" training. So, if in doubt ask a question or make a suggestion. This page is not designed to isolate people however any kind of malicious abuse or insults shall not be tolerated and those individuals will be removed.

Posts advising force (eg: force retrieves, physical moulding, lead corrections etc), coercion and aversive equipment (pinch/prong, choke - unless on dead-link, electric, spray collars, throw chains etc) will be removed. The only exception may be if someone is already using these things and wants to learn how to use alternative force-free methods. All comments must be constructive and not offensive.

Healthy banter is ALWAYS permitted ;)

This group is in association with Hamilton Hounds Dog Services