You know you've been playing too much Phoenix Wright when...

All posts with spoilers past Trials and Tribulations must include a warning of such spoilers, as not everyone in this group may be up to date. Repeated offenses may result in being removed from the group.


Just a group to show off how obssesed you are with the Gyakuten Saiban series 8D


1) You shout objection at every moving thing.
2) You think real trials are like the ones in GS.
3) You spend all your time playing the games.
4) You dream about anything concerning GS.
5) You have a list or pairings which you spazz over.
6) You talk about GS non-stop.
7) You get yelled at for talking about it so much.
8) Your friends are sick of you for talking about it so much.
9) GS has inspired you to become a lawyer.
10) Your wallpaper is Phoenix Wright.
11) You join any Phoenix Wright related groups/clubs.
12) You can talk non-stop about GS with other fans online.
13) You write GS fanfictions.
14) You draw GS fanart.
15) You show your GS fandom in anyway possible.
16) You memorized all the GS character's names in japanese.
17) You debate over if Phoenix/Edgeworth is a canon pairing.
18) You always cry at the end of TT, no matter how many times you've played it.
19) You're excited for Gyakuten Kenji, even though it won't come out for a while ( outside of Japan).
20) You have theories of what will happen in GS5.


21) When you slap your hands on your desk at the beginning of every phrase you say.
22) When you annoy you`re parents saying " I want that my brother is as cool as Phoenix Wright ! " and they say "Who, in the world is that guy !"
23) When you can name all the cases and the victims in them.
24) When you play an instrument you learn all the songs from GS
25) When you say start using PW and AJ characters as examples in Lit essays.
26) When you cry "a moment" for each of your explanations prof math.
27) When you insist "evidence is everything" in arguments :P
28) When you dress up as one of the characters for Halloween.
29) When you started drinking coffee because of Godot and have been looking aimlessly for Blend #107.
30) When you know how to do the Blue Badger dance perfectly.
31) When you shout 'ZVARRI!!!' randomly during conversations with friends.
32) When you start thinking that actually, 'Laurice' *cough*Larry*cough* is pretty good at drawing.

Feel free to add more in the comments :3