This group is for moms (dads are welcome too!) living in CENTRAL Orange County looking to sell their stuff. I have found that groups saying NORTH Orange County often tend to be too far away.

As a mom of year old boy/girl twins (living in Tustin), I don't have a ton of time to police this page, so here are the "rules".....

1. Sell whatever you want (within reason of course), but no formula/WIC stuff. Feel free to give it away for free tho! As far as selling stuff you got for free... it kinda depends... If you got it free from another mom on here... that's a big fat NO and very rude. If that happens to you, please report the seller.
2. No asking for handouts. Not because I am mean, but because this is a SELLING page. There are other pages you can do that on or feel free to create your own page and your own rules.
3. As far as bumping goes, do whatever you want, but don't be annoying about it and do it 20 times a day.
4. Play fair. The first person to show interest should be the first person to get the item. It's understandable that sometimes you need the stuff gone ASAP and need to go with the first person that can pick up tho.
5. Be sure to post location and price. NO BIDDING WARS- meaning if you say $5 and then the 5th person to comment says they will give you $7... that's crappy- don't do it. If this happens to you, please report the seller.
6. Be respectful of others time & don't flake.
7. Be safe when meeting people.
8. When something is sold, it'd be nice if you removed your post or commented that it's been sold, but we all get busy, so no worries if you don't.
9. If someone is doing something grossly wrong, let me know.

I think that's it? Enjoy and happy selling!