Helotes Online Garage Sale

This group is for people in the Helotes and surrounding area. Garage sales take way too long to set up not to mention time and money. We live in a fast-paced society and with everyone using the Internet and smartphones these days what better way to take advantage of technology and using it to our advantage. If your like me and tired of paying retail and looking for a deal then you've came to the right page! So with that being said here are just few rules. Also feel free to send me a PM- I'm always up for feedback.

Admin/Page owner: Franco Guerrero
Admin: Elaine Foley, and Gloria Hernandez Pargas

1. First come, first serve -PLEASE READ BELOW:
****If a buyer asks how much item is or inquires about the item, they are considered FIRST in line. Sellers must consider them before someone express "int" or "interested," otherwise your ad WILL be deleted. ****

If the buyer doesn't pm the seller, the seller must pm the buyer.
****If the buyer doesn't reply to the seller within a max time period of 3 hours, the seller may move on to the next person. No one is required to hold any item for longer than they feel comfortable with. You may post NO HOLDS on your item, meaning that only those who are ready to meet immediately should express interest.

2. Be sure to delete your post once sold (this includes ISO posts once you have found what you are looking for)

3. Be respectful of others- will not tolerate any foul language or disrespect. THIS IS YOUR FIRST AND LAST WARNING.

4. Nothing illegal or stolen will be sold on here

5. Only two bumps in a 24 hour period
**placing the word "bump" in the comments section moves your item to the top of the page, hence the reason only 2 are allowed in 24 hours***

6. Use common sense when meeting someone for a transaction

Posting pictures: https://www.facebook.com/notes/helotes-online-garage-sale/posting-pictures-to-the-page/603216849748994