French Canadian Descendants

Bonjour mes amis!
The French Canadians and Acadians made an enormous contribution to the economic progress of the US, unfortunately not in the best conditions, to say the least. During that time, they still had a very tight bond with their communities in Québec. They traveled back and forth, sometimes on foot, and their relatives visited them whenever they could. In New England, for example, they lived in very tight communities where they spoke their language and followed their own customs. In more recent times, they became integrated into the fabric of the USA. The language began to wither away and the bonds with our cousins North of the border began to loosen. Some still speak their ancestral language, while others remember Mémère speaking a language they did not understand. Still others have little connection to the French language in their own experience.

In recent years a cultural revival has begun among the Franco-Americans. The Internet has facilitated genealogical research, as well as a new interest in the French language of North America, and the music, art, customs and history of our people. Many Franco-Americans have taken a renewed interest in the situation in contemporary Québec, Acadia, and Francophonie throughout Canada. Many of us are asking: "Where do we really come from? And what does it all mean for us today?"

Glad to see you here.

How much do YOU know about your heritage?