Xbox 360 & Ps3 Games/Consoles for Sale or Swap in Stoke On Trent.

Only Xbox 360 Ps3 & Next Gen consoles, games and accessories.. please state location and price u are after on every status. Anything else that is posted will be asked to be removed by yourself if not I will warn you that I will remove the post myself,, only comment if you are interested in the item being sold or swapped, no arguments or foul language else you will be removed and banned. I repeat i would like NO other items o be sold on this page other than what the page is for, if it says Inbox only then please do so, so there are no confusions about the posts or people trying to cut in on other peoples posts.


Admins on this page are My Self Daniel Aimson, Ben Aimson.

Any problems or questions or anyone doing anything they should not be doing please report them and we will deal with them privately.. Thank you HAPPY SELLING/SWAPPING..