Baldwin County Bargain Shoppers! (AL)

Alright ladies, Lets add our friends! This is for the folks who like to save as well as get great stuff!\n page basic guidelines/rules:\n 1. Do not bump your items within one week - or I will delete the item.\n 2. This is a site to sell items. I do not mind if you would like to advertise a service you are providing as long as you don't spam the members constantly, or I will delete it and warn you kindly not to do it again. I prefer you only post information about your services once every 2 weeks. Thank you for following this policy and respecting ALL of the members on this. I will delete the offer if it is over posted.\n 3. When posting a picture you can comment at the same time the price and info about your post. Do not ask people to message you for more details - just give them the information.\n 4. When you sell something, please delete your post so other posts will get more exposure.\n 5. When your yard sale expires - please delete the post promptly. That way items still for sale will have more exposure.\n 6. Only post your picture of your listing one time. Do not post another picture to bump your original post, unless it is after a week and you delete the other picture or I will delete all of them.\n 7. When an item is posted, regardless of any reason, the item should be sold to the first person that brings the money to the seller and at the time the seller should immediately remove the item listed for sale from the site.\n 8. If someone would like to buy something you have posted and you do not answer them in a timely manner or give them the runaround it will appear as though it is not a legitimate item so please try to answer the potential buyer as soon as possible. If this happens to you - please let me know. I will contact the seller myself and if I get no response I will delete the post.\n 9. Be courteous to everyone on this site at all times or you will be removed from it. I will not tolerate anyone harassing another member on this site. All I need is proof from one person that this is happening and I will remove the member who initiated the harassment.\n 10. Even though almost everyone in this group knows someone through someone else - please remember to use your best judgement and be sure to always practice the best safety precautions.\n 11 Please do not post anything other than an item for sale. This site is intended to be an online sale site only. It is a way to post items you are wishing to sell. Please do not post any thing regarding employment, services offered, parties, or links to business pages unless it is something hand made or craft related. This site is dedicated to items you would like to sale that are in decent condition, so if you aren't sure, just ask, "Would I buy this item myself?" If the answer is YES then post it, if not, then don't post it.\n If anyone has something to add feel free to message me if I forgot something.\n Good luck selling and have fun buying - that is what it's all for! smile emoticon