Tacoma Assistance Resource BEST (Buy, Exchange, Sell, Trade)

This group is affiliated with Tacoma Assistance Resource, but here you can Buy, Exchange, Sell and Trade. We (admins of TAR) will be doing all of those things in this group too and much of the proceeds will go to help people in need in the Tacoma Assistance Resource group. It is NOT our intent to make money from trading in this group, but rather to gain more means to better assist others. Rules for this TAR 'BEST' group will be much the same as the original TAR group. Rudeness will not be tolerated. If you ONLY offer things in exchange for other items or money and we don't see you offering any items on the original TAR site, you will be removed from both groups. These groups are being designed to enhance one another, not take from. We understand the need to benefit from some of your no longer needed items to purchase other items, but please continue to offer items to those in need in our original TAR group as well. We appreciate you!! Please remember our giving spirit ♥ (Please know that when trading, the worth of items will vary a great deal from person to person, so please inspect items thoroughly before exchanging) :)