Kinesiology and Physical Education - U of T Class of 2017

Welcome class of 2017!
Congratulations on being accepted to U of T! WOOOO!!! You guys will absolutely enjoy your 4 or 5 years here! The Kinesiolgy and Physical Education program is unreal and you’re not going regret this decision!!

Having said this, this is your fb group that can be used to help you out throughout your time here!! You can use this group to talk about absolutely anything you want with your class and get help from upper years! Have discussions about class, work together, ask many questions, study and meet new friends, and of course HAVE FUN!! This page will also be bombarded with event notifications that will be happening throughout the year which are absolutely amazing and too much fun to not attend!! :) These events will be organized by your PHEAA, various clubs and groups, and the PHEUA which is your student council and this year’s team is filled with beauties!! :P

From now until the first week of school, your Frosh Coordinators, Colleen Oag and Bethany So, and the amazing executives and leaders are in the process of making your Frosh week an unreal, fantastic, amazing and super fun time!! More information about this week will be revealed to you as it comes!! So stay tuned!!


Also, you all should be getting stoked for ODP!! This will be a super fun 4 day camping trip that will be one of the many highlights of your university career!! If you have any questions or concerns, post them here and we will be happy to answer them for you!! WOOOO!!

Can't wait to meet you all!
Peace out for now!
Sara Iaboni
VP Social
[email protected]