This is the sister chat group for Central Coast Neighbourhood Watch Alert NSW... same rules apply as CCNWA but a little less strict and allows you to have more of a say... Please be nice to each other and enjoy the freedom of speech. BUSINESS posts are WEDNESDAY ONLY.. No asking of what suburbs are good and bad to live in as it tends to start arguments.. No swearing or racism is allowed at any time as this will result in being banned .. no for sale items.. no bumping of posts please....

If you have joined this group, welcome!
Please read rules.
This group is covered under the 1988 Privacy Act - "any use of the intellectual property without the original author, group or open or closed groups will be in breach of the 1988 Privacy Act" and liable to legal actions. This full document can be found in the documents file.

We value everyone's opinions, and allow you to have your say in this forum, but please try to keep it constructive as possible.
Note that ANY threats or slander of any member or admin of this group is taken seriously, or derogatory/prejudicial remarks involving race, religion, harassment, offensive language or anything else deemed deconstructive material will not be tolerated.

Anyone found to be causing trouble, starting arguments, targeting particular members of the group with threats will be removed immediately. No warning will be given and no explanation will be given to their removal by admin. Admins make the decision jointly. Any one who leaves the site because they do not agree with Admin's decisions as stated to them, they will not be allowed to re-join. If a threat is made against a member or admin, the post and remarks will be copied for referral by admin at a later time. If the victim wants to take legal action then the evidence is there (so be warned). In relation to descriptions of suspicious offenders/people it is required to give a general description to warn members of public, police and media to remain aware and is in no uncertain terms being stated for discrimination against that race, creed or colour.

If you wish to post recent stories
please check the wall that it is not already posted to avoid double postings
If you see anyone or any thing suspicious please contact police before posting to the site, try to give a detailed description, location - this will allow people to keep an eye out, keep in touch and hopefully make our communities a happier and much more safer place to live.
If you have a serious concern that may require legal action, please don't hesitate to report it the local police/crimestoppers (these numbers can be found also in documents), as this is only to help with awareness, not to create vigilantes.