Jesus Of Nazareth Website -

Jesus Of Nazareth website is a Catholic Christian Website.

When we lived the joy of hymns and tarateels, and when we discovered
their importance in our religious life, we searched on the net about Arabic
and Lebanese religious websites that provides tarateels and prayers, we
didn't find any website that provides mp3 tarateels and hymns and a large
library of prayers and that was in year 2001. So we began to make a new website in the internet
to let all Lebanese in the whole world, and every christian who search for Jesus words, to be able to find them in our website.We stopped working on the website in 2006 for 2 years. And in the beginning of the year 2009, we lunched it with new sections, new design and new official name.
We have made the group on facebook, to let it be a place of spiritual discussions and sharing ideas!
The website is updated weekly!
Thanks to our mighty Lord who helped us a lot and to all persons who
collaborate with us.

Every Monday At "St Thérèse" Church , Shaylé - Lebanon.
The Program:
6:00 PM: The Rosary
7:00 PM: The Holy Mass.
8:00 PM: Adoration - Benedictions.

The confessions are available from 3:00 PM Till the mass.