Chens Discus

Welcome to Chens Discus! By Chris Englezou

Chens Discus Group is for all who share a love of the discus fish. The aim of the group is to share information, learn more about discus fish and bring discus keepers together in one big cooperative community.

Chens Discus are suppliers of the highest quality wild and domestic bred discus fish to trade and hobbyist alike: Learn more:

Here at Chens Discus Group we do have a few rules:

Members must post and respond to other members in a respectful manner ALWAYS- if you disagree with something, say it politely or say nothing (it’s not hard). You may also contact an administrator of the group to raise concerns at any time.

ALL questions (no matter how basic) are welcomed with open arms by ALL members and any members who respond to these questions should do so from an informed perspective (preferably from personal experience) and in a friendly way!

Members who cannot control their behaviour towards others will be politely informed of the rules however repeat offenders will sadly have to be removed from the group.

We understand that not everyone shares the same opinions all the time, we just expect respectful, educated debate and discussion.

If any member has any questions, suggestions or concerns about the rules of the group please feel free to contact either Francis Hu, Jenny Harris, Tony Smith, Yen Lin Hu or Tony Vaughan.

Many thanks and Welcome! Enjoy