Facebook Garage Sale and Place to share up Coming events 2

Facebook garage sale and place to share up coming events 2 is a group set up to give people in the Albuquerque, NM area a place to post items to buy, sell, trade, give away, and ask for or offer help. All transactions are between the person who listed the items, and the interested party. Group administrators are NOT responsible for what gets posted. Please take part in keeping the groups organized, post items for sale in the proper group, Baby Picker, Employment, etc. Please be considerate and keep all comments clean. We do reserve the right to REMOVE ANYONE from the group and ANY post from the page. Thank you! Who wants to have a garage sale on facebook!! also to post upcoming event you wanna share, or if u have small buisness post your business add :)

Thanks to every member for making this site a success!

Disclaimer: this is a buyer beware group. It is a free site and there for administration has no legal liability for transactions. All sales are between buyer and seller. Making admin aware of serious situations is encouraged but ultimately we have no legal standing as to how transactions end. Examples are phones that don't work, cars that break after one week, dogs that turn mean, dress that has a hole underneath. Everything bought is at buyers risk...