"Mobile Marketing"

Looking to Help small business owners take advantage of the biggest shift in marketing that we may ever see. That is Text message Marketing.


Important Stats

• What do you ALWAYS have with you? CELL PHONE

• 97% open rate vs. 20% for email

• 250 Million Americans have cell - over 80% of population

• 5 billion with cells worldwide

• 1.8 billion with internet

• by 2012 an estimated 10Trillion texts will be sent globally

• 4 out of 5 teens carry a cell

• Customer time spent on cell is rising faster than the time spent on any other form of media

• Text messaging get 7-15%times the response rate of an email and has a 97% open rate. Plus text messages are opened usually in just a few minutes while emails can take days to be read if opened at all.

• Has a proven ROI of over 20%. No other form of media even comes close to that.

• This is the future and there is no way around it. If a business doesn't start now they will be way behind their competition in no time.

• 95% of business do NOT do mobile marketing

• 72% of all mobile phone users now actively text

• Average Cell Phone Subscriber sends/receives 600 Texts per month