4A - URGENT Rescue CrossPostings (Open group)

Action Against Animal Abuse (4A)

Welcome to 4A - URGENT DOG Rescue Crosspostings (Open group)

Every year there are millions of animals put to death simply because shelters and pounds are over their capacity. This group has been created specifically for those animals needing URGENT rescue. Animals on "death row" in other words. Crossposters may put links to dogs needing URGENT rescue from any country in this group. Please do not crosspost animals that have been rescued and are waiting for a forever home. We have other crossposting groups for those animals.

If you have been added to this group and do not wish to be here, please accept our apologies and click on the 'Leave Group' button.

For a list with links to all 4A groups please visit our website page www.ActionAgainstAnimalAbuse.com/Invite