የስራ ዘርፎችን ለማስፋፋት፤ የግል ፈጠራን በማዳበር አነስተኛና መካከለኛ ቢዝነሶችን ለማቋቋም ካሰቡ፤ የፕላን፣ ስልጠና፣ ምክርና መነሻ ካፒታል አቅርቦት እንሰጣለን። አስፈላጊውን የባለሙያዎች ኔትወርካችንን ለምክር በነፃ ይጠቀሙ። ፃፉልን
4Ethiopia, Forum created by a study group to collaborate and create an Action Network focused on sustainable development.
The group's objective is to create information hub / Concept Development and Projects Support Group.
4ETHIOPIA is designed to translate this vision to action.
We invite all visionary Change Agents interested in the region to join us and share development ideas, actionable concepts and work with us on already drafted projects or join and cheer our projects success.