4x4 Life Diet Group

Know that excessive sugar and processed carbohydrate intake is toxic to the human body. Humans are hard-wired to crave sweetness for survival. As a result, profit-driven industry managed to get most humans addicted to sugar in just over 40 years. So much so that this addiction is now slowly killing us and life as we knew it.

What needs to change? Our SugarlessMe Lifestyle Change Programme is designed to assist us in getting rid of our sugar addiction and change delusive paradigms of unhealthy lifestyles and non-sustainable diets.

The 4x4wellness methodology is a systemic, principle-based lifestyle management solution in the form of a 4 week online health behaviour improvement programme and eating plan, designed to promote a positive lifestyle and offer realistic solutions to sugar addiction.

The 4x4Diet’s mission is to help everyone get healthier through the power of information and targeted food education. We do this successfully through posting on the 4x4Diet website and constantly updating our online eLearning courses at 4x4diet.com/eportal .

Our food education and new technologies enable healthier living and better healthcare outcomes, and helps to lower the overall cost of national healthcare delivery.If you want to be healthy, the 4x4diet makes eating healthy easy:

We are claiming back from industry the term 'diet' to the rightful owners: you and me so that we can base our habitual intake of Real Food on a personal accountability supported entirely on informed choices through sound knowledge. - -

The 4x4Diet was developed in Namibia to help people achieve their healthy lifestyle goals and prevent the biggest health threats mankind has ever faced, by exposing:

1. the shocking reasons why childhood obesity and non-communicable diseases are threatening our future

2. the reason why mainstream diets do not work and meal plans are designed for profit and not for weight-loss,

3. the misconception that joining a fitness gym provides sustainable weight loss

4. the 40 years of systematic untruths by the food and sugar giants and how our blind trust in the food industry will only support massive industrial profits at the expense of our health.

The 4x4Diet is here to re-educate everyone rapidly and at scale. Therefore we opted for the new technology and developed a solid, no-nonsense online educational diet programme. We researched all the evidence, and deliver a knowledge based lifestyle solution for everyone.We also claim back the name "diet" from the industry and restore its name and place among the true owners, the people.

The key to a successful lifestyle based on the 4x4Diet is the realisation that you need to fully understand and execute the 16 Principles of 4x4dieting first, in order to rehabilitate your body and mind from the abuse of a life-long sugar addiction.

Join the journey to create a food culture for our children and our nation that is healthy – and simple.