Great Danes and their Humans Worldwide, Redux

This group has been created for lovers and owners of the Apollo of dogs, the Great Dane. Anyone who loves, owns, breeds, rescues or shows Great Danes is welcome.
Because our admin speak English, please post in English and only post links to sites that have the option of reading in English so that admins can assure no rules are broken.
Treat all members with respect. Joking or kidding is one thing, ill mannered, rude remarks are not tolerated and members will be banned without warning. Our members speak many languages and what seems fine in one language may not translate well. Apologies go a long way. It is about the DOGS and we try to keep the personal issues out. Kindergarten rules apply.
We have zero tolerance of advertising products, services, litters or available stud dogs. This includes the cross posting of dogs from websites like Craigslist, Yardsales, Gumtree and Preloved. PM if you know someone who might find a post of interest. If you see something that is different and may be of interest please post it. But if you are hosting sales parties the post will be removed.

Our ban on breeding or puppy sales is very simple, our group is for dane lovers and if we allowed breeders to advertise we might be encouraging byb's or scam artists. Buying a sick pup or finding out there is no pup is heartbreaking. We love the World Wide Web, but some things should be done in person. Do your research. Specific questions about where someone got their pup should be sent via PMs.

Contests for votes and auctions soliciting funds are also not allowed. As wonderful as the cause, the host may not be legit and therefore to keep the playing field level we remove any and all posts along these lines.

Any practice that is considered to endanger dogs in any way will be deleted to ensure that it is not duplicated by members who do not realize the implications

Technical notes: Please post your photos and videos directly to the group rather than sharing. This will eliminate “Attachment Unavailable” frustrations.
Please post and comment to your hearts content. That is what the page is about. Even if you don’t post, please try to like so we know you are there
FYI, these topics seem to create the most arguments: Breeding, Ear Cropping, Spay/Neuter Age and Training Methods. Be respectful, state your opinion and then let others have the same right. If you can’t keep it respectful, leave the conversation. If you think the conversation is getting out of hand, tag the admins.
Your admins are Daniel Cahn, Ronda Warywoda, Sharon Rose and Julie L Stead. Daniel, Julie and Ronda are in the US and Sharon is in England, one of us should be around. Tag us for any inappropriate post or message us, if you have suggestions or questions. No blocking of admins.