Yard/Garage Sale, buy, sell or trade in th Fot Lupton and surrounding areas

Welcome Fort Lupton and surrounding areas.

This group is to buy, sell, trade, and advertise such as fundraisers, garage/yard sales and other public events.

The rules & restrictions...

No web links that lead to sites selling shoes, handbags, or sunglasses.

No Weight Loss Products

No listing of any guns, weapons, silencers, ammunition, or items related to weaponry.

No listing of any fireworks.

No listing of anything illegal or pornography.

If you are an independent consultant OR entrepreneur, please only post ONCE per week. Abusing this will get you banned.Being considerate of other members...

No duplicate postings. Posting too many times, your post will be deleted. Please post once a day.

No profanity.

When posting a picture of the item you are selling you must use a picture of the original item, not a picture of an item similar to it. This includes home type businesses.

When wanting to post more than one picture of your item or post several items create a photo album of your pictures.

Not following the rules & guidelines are considered SPAM & if you are caught spamming your post and/or you will be removed! The rules, restrictions, & guidelines are in place to help keep members from becoming victims of fraud, to keep the group page organized, clean, & easy to navigate, & to keep the group page fair for all members. The rules are subject to change as needed & as the group grows.

This group was created & is intended for the communities of Fort Lupton and the surrounding areas. While we welcome members from other areas.

Group administrator(s) obtain the right to remove posts, comments, or members they deem inappropriate, inconsiderate, or abusive.

PLEASE NOTE: Anything purchased on this site is sold "as is", unless otherwise stated by the person selling the item. Use the same CAUTION that you would when buying or selling on Craigslist or classified ads. Conflicts are not the responsibility of the Administrator(s) of the site, and every transaction is solely the responsibility of individuals purchasing or selling the item(s).