Down $outh Louisiana Trade, $ell, Barter, Classifieds

Louisiana and surrounding areas.

1. When adding more than one picture of your item thats for sale create an album.
2. Dont "bump" more than once every 24 hours.
3. Please put a detailed description about item, will help you as well as others.
4. Don't put "make offer" or "just seeing whats out there" have a price listed, no one wants to low ball you or get ripped off.
5. When you want to trade for something, list what you are interested in trading for.
6. Please don't post your business ads, make up ads,ect
7. Make sure you put where your located in your post.
8. No rude comments,drama,fighting...ect
If you have a problem with anyone on the page message me and I'll look at it and delete them if needed. Trying to keep the rules short and simple, they also should help you on your sale, they benifit everyone.

Thanks and God bless