Iowa Subaru Club, Central Chapter

Iowa Subaru Club is a free organization based in central and eastern Iowa for all of those who love their Subarus. We welcome all types of Subarus, from the mighty Brat and GL to the newest STI. We love them all. We have everything from stock vehicles to race-prepped monsters and all sorts in between. Turbo or non-turbo, everyone is welcome.

If you’re interested in meeting up with other local Subaru owners, just send the group administrators a message or send an email to the club ( There is no formal membership, so be as involved or un-involved as you like.

The central Iowa ISC members hold meets at a new restaurant on the first Wednesday of every month. Eastern ISC members also have meets and they are posted in the group events on facebook and NASIOC. Along with the monthly meets, we have a few big yearly events and many of our members enjoy Autocrossing (sanctioned parking lot cone racing) and other motorsport events.

ISC DOES NOT support illegal activities such as street racing, dangerous or reckless driving, etc. Any posts related to these subjects will be reported to the administrators and may be deleted without notice. Any posts promoting videos of illegal activities, even those which are not produced by or depict members of ISC may be removed without notice. Posts deemed to be in bad taste or that reflect poorly upon the group may be removed without notice. If an offending post falls through the cracks (the admins may not catch them all), please report it and it will be dealt with appropriately.

Lewd comments, disrespectful language, personal attacks, flaming, trolling, threats or violation of the rules will not be tolerated. Depending on the severity of the incident an appropriate action will be taken ranging from a warning and discussion with one of the admins, to a temporary or permanent ban. Remember that not everyone has the same ideas or preferences that you may have. Celebrate that they are doing something they enjoy even if you do not care for it yourself. It is better not to post than to put someone down.

The ISC is an incredibly diverse group of individuals. We celebrate our common interest in Subarus that can bring together such a wonderful group of individuals. There is an incredible amount of knowledge, experience and wisdom that our members contribute. Membership is what you make of it. Being polite and humble will go a long way towards not only getting assistance when you need it, but also making some life long friends.

If you see a problem:
Don't engage with the individual. Please contact (message) one of our admins and let us know what is going on. Admins can be found on the group members page.

We appreciate your help in making this a fun and valuable resource for everyone. Remember to be excellent to each other and thank you for taking the time to check out the Iowa Subaru Club!