Erie Misc. Personal Community Sales

People who want to sell their personal belongings amongst the local Erie community. Example yard sale items.
This site welcomes all individuals who wish to advertise their personal items that they would like to sell via: local yard sale internet audience.
1. Give a buyer 24 hours to respond to your posted sale offer...before going to the next possible buyer-be fair.
2. Meet in Public Places for exchange as for your own safety and privacy.
3.This is your avenue to reach perspective buyers, so post pics o
f your items with prices-and promptly remove when sales are final.
4.You may front (meaning re post) your sale items as often as you like...but please give at least 12 hours in between to allow those who have new posts visibility.
5.No vulgarities or scrupulous foul play tolerated...use this as a tool to appropriately reach potential buyers.
6.Good luck and make friends!