Kalona Worship Dance

Worship Dance is an expression of worship using movement, rhythm, and music. I grew up with a dance teacher for a mom and she taught my sisters and I how to worship through dance from the age 3 up until we pursued our own dance careers. She led a worship Dance team of about 18 girls from the Kalona/ Iowa City area. My home church is Grace Community, we've had the blessing to use dance in the worship services at parvkiew church as well as numerous other opportunities in surrounding areas.

There are two classes offered at Kalona Auto in the "Family Room" Entrance is north of the building in Kalona, IA

Level 1- Ages 7-12

Level 2- Ages 12-18

Apprentice class -upper level

Ecclesiastes 3:4
a time to weep and a time to laugh, a time to mourn and a time to dance,

Jeremiah 31:13 The young women will dance and be glad

Worship Dance is my passion and a powerful form of worhip to our creator, I will continue to teach worship dance and encourage young women to use this form of worship as long as the Lord allows. I have been blessed to watch this Kalona worship dance group grow over the past 7 years! Come and check out what we do!