Lynda and Ashley Babysitting :)

Well to start with Hello :)
I am making this group and have added several people to it from my friends list. With either kids....or in hopes you know some people with children. First off: We love kids and have a lot of experience with them me having 8 years and lynda the same. And we are pretty affordable considering most daycares charge 80 to 100$ per week per kid. We are charging 45$ a kid per week :) And ask that you bring their favorite toys,or movies, and some their fav snacks and sippy cups, and a change of clothes. If you would like references some can be provided and you can take a look at the enviroment they will be in. We are asking to have kids 1 and up....unless discussed further. Your children will be in a safe enviroment and will be well taken care of I assure that. If you take a look at FILES you will find more information. Or if you have any questions or concerns call or text me 479 518 5959. Thanks, Ashley and Lynda