Official BTHS Class of 2012

Senior Government:

President - Michelle (Weasley) Gorbonosov ([email protected])
Vice President - Iris Pepa ([email protected])
Parliamentarian - Anmol Sajjad ([email protected])
Treasurer - Neil Alacha ([email protected])
Secretary - Arpita Vora ([email protected])

SGO President - Sharmy Dhaliwal ([email protected])

SGO Secretary - Samantha Eng ([email protected])

This is the Official Brooklyn Technical High School Class of 2012 Group. The Executives of the Class of 2012 are here to provide information about school activities, policies, procedures, and any other school-related things.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to post them here, leave a note in the SGO mailboxes found in 7C1 or message or email any of the admins.

Spread the news and invite your friends.