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We develop games. It is that simple.
bitGraphicsX is a game and application development company committed to developing innovative, enticing as well as dumb games that will get you hooked. We cater to big and small investors alike. Our appetite for games is wide and varied.
Games are our passion. Here at bitGraphicsX, we are a group of people who absolutely love games. Making games is not a job for us, it's our lifestyle. It takes a special passion to create exciting, challenging and truly innovative games and to have an unsurpassed on-time record for our clients and publishing partners.
Our company deals in all phases of technology. We provide unrivaled knowledge of the latest developments in the industry, and how they apply to development. We are always in a state of evaluating our successes and shortcomings and applying what we have learned to new projects.
We're constantly working on interesting new games and hardware. So stay tuned!