221g/ Visa Mantis/ Technology Alert List or TAL check

This is a group to bring awareness to everyone about the "Technology Alert List" or the TAL check or the Visa Mantis Check or the the 221 g which is holding back so many foreign students and researchers in their countries after completing degrees from the US.

Since 2003, the students and researchers who are going back to their country for either re-application of their Student Visa (F1) or have applied for their Work Visa (O1, J1, H1 or H4), have been detained in their countries waiting for their Visa to come through. Students from countries like India, Russia and China are currently being detained for a period of 4 months or more on an average.

TAL or the Technology Alert List, is a list of fields for individuals who have a higher degree in these areas and can pose a threat to the National Security. While this check is meant with good intentions, it can be very frustrating to wait for a non specified period of time with the online status of your case being "pending". The US Govt. does not provide any individual estimate about the time it will take for a particular case. They only give an estimated average which can vary significantly for individual cases.

An observation that is commonly made is that this check can be conducted while these individuals are in the United States and the waiting time can be avoided. During this time the individual has no option but to wait for this check to come through. Articles online have attributed this wait to a shortage in staff and due to several reasons, this process which was taking about 3 weeks in 2007 is taking about 4 Months for most cases as of now. Some cases are still pending after 1 year or more. Many companies have given people stuck in their countries, a deadline for their return after which they intend to terminate them because of their absence which is not their fault in the first place. In such a case, an individual is left with no options. Many people, who have stayed in the US for as long as 10 years, have a family and assets such as houses, cars and stocks in US markets and have been living as law abiding, tax paying residents. They are left stranded in such situations with no one taking any responsibility for the moral and emotional trauma caused to such individuals from this wait. Please help us raise awareness to this issue. Every members' voice will count towards the expediting of this check so that researchers and students can get back to their primary goal, Research and Advancement of Education and Science.

If you are a victim or a potential candidate of the TAL / Visa Mantis / 221g check, then this group is for you. If you believe you can provide awareness for others, then this group is for you. We are grateful to you for your help.

Thank you for your time and reading this long description. We appreciate your support in inviting other friends to be a part of this.