Bride to Bride

I am a Photographer and Event Planner. Over the years I have seen so many brides that have AMAZING weddings and then have no idea what to do with their decor after. This pages is to get past brides and future brides together so that everyone gets what they are looking for This is for Texas only, Houston and surrounding areas preferred. Feel free to check out my work

1. Business Postings are allowed, however If you notice business (spam or not wedding related) posts - please tag the administrator or pm me and I
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3. Plan on posting multiple items? Create an album! Add to it when new items become available! Please DO NOT post multiple pics of the same item. If you have more than one picture of the same item - please post in an album. ***USE YOUR NAME FOR YOUR ALBUM TITLE, IT WILL NEVER BE DELETED UNLESS ALL ITEMS ARE SOLD. CONTINUOUSLY ADD ITEMS TO IT. MAKES BUMPING EASIER.*****ALBUMS** with no activity in 60 days will be deleted without notification.

4. As with anything buyer beware.

5. Make sure if you buy something; make sure it works before paying and leaving with it.

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8. The person who is selling the item has the right to sell to whomever they want to. It is a courtesy to sell on a “first to post, first to be served” basis but this may not always be the case. Getting into a verbal argument on the board will not be tolerated and may cause you to get banned.

9. When posting an item - please be specific. Always list price and location of item.

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11. ISO=in search of; Bump=bring the post
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12. If it's LEGAL TO SELL you can sell it here.