Oregon State Car Club

This club is a group of people in and around the Corvallis area who love cars! This is a place for discussion of cars and the world surrounding them! This group has no official affiliation with The Oregon State University.

Oregon State Car Club (OSCC) Rules:
1. This is a welcoming group with a welcoming atmosphere. We are all just trying to help others in their car modifying endeavors and further the knowledge. With that in mind, please conduct yourself in a professional manner and keep the vulgarities and hateful speech to yourself. Hate directed towards a particular individual or group of individuals WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. This includes but is not limited to, sexist, racist, and harsh comments, slurs, remarks, retorts etc. Any actions/comments that are deemed offensive or not appropriate by the group admins, will result in a consultation with the admins and possible removal from the group. Spam posts/spam adverts will be deleted and the poster removed from the group without warning.
2. Dangerous driving/illegal activities/street races are not encouraged or endorsed by this club. Any actions that are deemed dangerous/illegal by the admins of the group will result in consultation with the group admins and possible removal from the group. THIS INCLUDES AT MEETS. So any loud revving, loss of traction (burnouts & drifting), or other actions that are deemed unsafe or not appropriate meet conduct by the group admins, will result in a consultation with the admins and possible removal from the group. So save all those types of actions for another time and place. Meets are not the place for it. ABSOLUTELY NO DRUGS OR ALCOHOL WILL BE USED AT ANY TIME DURING A MEET.
3. If you have an issue with a post or person, either contact an admin or use the report to admin link on the post. We will review the post/ issue and discuss it among the admins and will cast a fair verdict. If you believe that an admin is causing issues and needs to be dealt with, group message all of the admins and the issue will be dealt with. Admins will have the final say over any issue or confrontation that arises. If you are unhappy with the resolution, you can message an admin and we can provide an explanation for our reasoning.
4. New members can be added by anyone but must pass admin approval before they are allowed to view the group page. This is to be able to filter out bot profiles.
5. Again this is an accepting group. All makes, models, styles, and people are welcome. Discrimination will not be tolerated.
6. Admins: Dakota Snow
Sam Callanan
Naomi Salgado
Nathan Johnson
Brian G. Kirk
please feel free to contact any one of us with any questions or concerns.
Thank you,