African Americans Have $1.1 Trillion in Buying Power, Are We Put...ting Our Money to Good Use? Are we putting our dollars back into our community?

In America, in Asian communities a dollar circulates among the community’s banks, retailers and business professionals for up to 28 days before it is spent with outsiders.

In the Jewish community, the circulation period is 19 days. In predominantly WASP (White Anglo-Saxon Protestant) areas, 17 days. Hispanics keep their dollar for 7 days…

But in the Black community, the dollar lives SIX HOURS!!!!

Its time for serious change! Join me in the New Recycle the Black Dollar Movement and help make a difference in our community. Keep the dollar black!

Every time you support a Black owned business, organization, or Service foundation in any social media outlet please use the hash tag #UBWGRecycleblack; this will help that establishment grow. This will bring advertisement to our people for our people.

Please post any and all Black owned businesses and products to this group as we are creating a Black Business Directory.

Lets make this movement go viral Nation wide and get our hard earned dollars back to us, our children, our businesses, and especially our communities! I can’t do this alone. I need your help to spread the word. Use the hash tag! This is about rebuilding our community.