Win a YEAR of Car insurance, paid in full!

Hey Ya'll

Welcome to 'Win a year of Car insurance'- 1.0!

The purpose of this page is simple; Request a FREE quote with the best rates in your local area, using our sponsor and automatically be eligible to win a year of car insurance, paid in full.

Anyone who drives and owns their car, should be able to compare rates often, and quickly, helping them stay on top of the ever-changing car insurance game. It will also ensure you that your paying the absolute lowest prices in your area and save you money.

The entire process takes about 3 minutes, and you will know in seconds if their are savings available for your unique situation.

Here are two simple steps:

Head to, click the Banner on the side.
Fill out the 60 second quote form, and leave a quick comment on this facebook page when you are finished.

The site is very basic and straight to the point lol, so take advantage today and make it a year without insurance fees!

One winner will be selected completely at random once we reach 10,000 likes!

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