Puget Sound Gun Trader

Local gun shops in the area are welcome to post here with what they have in stock or coming in soon. Private Party sellers are welcome to post firearm related items. No big box store or internet ads please. There are various other medias for that information.

This is a site to Buy, Sell or Trade FIREARMS only! If it Doesn't pertain to Firearms, Bows, Cross Bows or something tied to FIREARMS it will be deleted at the discretion of Administrators!!!!

*Please list prices
*Avoid spamming daily bumps
* Limit the posting to 2 weeks.

If you want to remain an active member...

*Conduct fair business-NO Flakes
*Be courteous
*No Rude or insulting comments
*If you don't like a price keep going-No price bashing!
* No Pics/Videos of Unsafe Gun Practices
*No illegal activity
*Follow ALL Local and Federal Laws
*If a member of this page ever declines a BOS, please report them. I will ban them. (Being a flake isn't against the law either, but do we really want these folks on our Page? I think Not!!)
***No Drama !!!!

We will report suspected offenders to the authorities. If you are not of legal age to buy/sell/trade/possess firearms, you will be permanently banned.

This is a privately controlled FB group, therefore... Admin reserves the right to monitor & delete ANY Posts and/or members for ANY reason!

Have fun! Keep in mind, this is a family oriented group so please watch the language or abbreviations.

If you have any concerns please let one of our admins know... Mike Palmer, Mike Tulp, or Ken Burch.