Green Knights MMC Chapter 71 Canada MEMBERS ONLY

The Green Knights motorcycle club (TM) is a military motorcycle club (MMC) (TM) that was formed back in late 1999 and formally recognized in early 2000 at McGuire AFB, New Jersey. There are now nearly 100 Chapters throughout North America and Europe.

When the club first started they searched for a name that all branches of the service could rally behind. While searching for names, they came across the Blue Knights. They were very helpful and informed us of other “Knight” clubs. So far there are the following:
Blue Knight MC- Law Enforcement
Gold Knights MC- Retired Law Enforcement
Red Knights MC- Fire Department
White Knights MC- EMT’s

In keeping with the “Knight” theme it was decided on the color Green. Green represented the old green style uniformed that our services worn in the past. Plus it sounded better then the Camouflage Knights.

The Knights name was liked due to the old medieval code of the knight:
Charity, Honor, Truth, Respect, Support, Loyalty, and Commitment

Membership is open to all motorcyclists of the DND community.
- Regular Force - Reserve
- DND Civilians - Retirees
- Family Members

All motorcycles are welcome
cruiser, sport, touring, dual-purpose, etc.